We would like to thank all of you for joining us for the 51st International Cadet World Championship at the Marina Bruinisse, Zeeland.

A special thanks to:
Our race officer Peter Anink and his race committee.
Our chairman of the jury Joep Straus and his team of international jury members.
Our rescue officer Eric Rijcksen (Sail service) and his rescue team.
Our coordinator ashore Yolande van de Meirsch (Royal Maas Yacht Club) and her team.
Our chief measurer Bruno van Hoof (ICCA) and his team for measurement and equipment control.

The Royal Maas Yacht Club (Koninklijke Roei-en Zeilvereeniging De Maas) and Sailing Club Kurenpolder (Zeilclub Kurenpolder, ZCK) from Hank for selection and delivering the race committee and necessary equipment (ships, ribs, buoys) and support from Watersports Club Braassemmermeer (WV Braassemmermeer) and R.Y.C.B. from Antwerp, Belgium.

The Province Zeeland for all financial and material support.
The Municipality Schouwen Duiveland for hospitality and financial support.
The Marina Bruinisse and sailing school Aquavitesse for their hospitality and support.

Our volunteers of "De Beeldbuis" for interviews, photography and movies.

Michael Diederich for being our host speaker at the opening and closing ceremony.

Our International Cadet parents for their support during measurement, launch control, first aid and the country hospitality evenings.

Our former Cadet parents and sailors for their support during the entire event.

The enthusiastic support of all sailors and their families and friends throughout the event.
And above all your contribution to our "Fair with Care" motto and support in keeping the marina and sailing water clean. Including the effort to keep Zeeland clean.

All sponsors and partners, as mentioned on this website:

Gemeente Schouwen Duiveland https://www.schouwen-duiveland.nl
Stichting Renesse http://www.stichtingrenesse.nl/
Zeeland daagt je uit http://zeelanddaagtjeuit.nl
Zeeland daagt je uit http://zeelanddaagtjeuit.nl
Zeeland land in Zee https://www.zeeland.nl/landinzee
zeeland.nl https://www.zeeland.nl

Multraship http://www.multraship.com

Bordbusters http://www.bordbusters.nl/
Eurobottle http://www.eurobottle.nl/
Hotel Bru http://www.hotelbru.nl/
Kreko http://www.kreko.nl/
Moeleker http://www.moeleker.nl/
RECO http://www.reco.eu/
Roompot Vakanties https://www.roompot.nl/
T-shirts.nl https://www.t-shirts.nl/
Van der Straaten http://www.vd-straaten.nl/
Visser Watersport http://www.visserwatersport.nl/
Weststrate https://weststrate.nl/
Zeelandia http://www.zeelandia.nl/

Aquavitesse https://www.aquavitesse.nl/
Bout Mosselen http://www.mosselhandelbout.nl/
DCCA http://www.cadet.nl
De Beeldbuis http://www.jc-creon.nl/de-beeldbuis
DLA Piper https://www.dlapiper.com/
Flexicon http://flexicon.nl/
Hertzinger https://www.hertzinger.nl/
ICCA http://www.cadetclass.org/
Jachthaven bruinisse http://www.jachthavenbruinisse.nl/
KR+ZV de Maas http://www.de-maas.nl
Magic Marine https://www.magicmarine.com/
Over & Beyond http://www.overandbeyond.com/
Sailservice http://www.sailservice.org
SaltyCoulours http://www.saltycolours.com
VVV Zeeland https://www.vvvzeeland.nl
Watersportverbond http://www.watersportverbond.nl/
ZCK http://www.zck.nl
ZW-scoring.nl http://www.zw-scoring.nl/