What to explore during the World Championship in Bruinisse?

We will of course support our sailors the best we can, but we also need to enjoy our stay in Bruinisse and the beautiful country of Zeeland (sea land). We cannot mention all sightseeing tips, so please find out yourself and let us know the best ‘hot spots’ by tagging #cadet2017 on Instagram or Facebook.

The World Championship Cadet Sailing 2017 will take place in Bruinisse on the Grevelingen (Lake Grevelingen) from July 29th to August 11th 2017. For your information and your preparations we provided a schedule.

When traveling by car please note. Bruinisse is a small town with narrow streets. The car navigation system may send you trhough the narrow streets and bends.

It is easy to avoid by using a way point.

All participants and/or their guardians or representatives are responsible for appropriate insurances. Our organisation cannot verify if your insurance fees are paid or not. Insurance fees not being paid (in time) may harm you, your children and others. A matter of "good seamanship".

Here you can download the sailing instructions.


Here you can download our branding for the 51st International Cadet World Championship 2017, Bruinisse, the Netherlands.

You can use the logos on your team clothing or accessories and make a proud appearance on the event.

New schedules for (pre)registration and equipment control have been published. Please read thoroughly.

A plan of the Marina Bruinisse is available for download.

plan of the Marina Bruinisse

Here you can read and download the Notice of Race (NoR). The version published on the web is subordinate to the downloadable pdf. This NoR is approved by the ICCA.


Take up the challenge and join us in the Trash Challenge!

More than 5 million tons plastic waste finds its way to the oceans per year. Plastic which is just floating in the middle of the sea and creates a ‘plastic soup’ since it falls apart in tiny little plastic parts.
Plastic in our oceans has great influence on our health, the health of sea animals and therefore on the entire eco-system.

When arriving in the Netherlands at "Schiphol" Amsterdam International Airport. The below information may be helpful.

There are many information desks all over the airport and railway station. But also the, always present, (military) police is very approachable and always prepared to point you into the right direction.

For maintenance, repair of boat and sails, spareparts and accessories we provide a small list of companies nearby the Marina of Bruinisse.