Here you can download our branding for the 51st International Cadet World Championship 2017, Bruinisse, the Netherlands.

You can use the logos on your team clothing or accessories and make a proud appearance on the event.

The use of the 51st International Cadet World Championship 2017 logo(s) is reserved for participating teams, their coaches, staff and supporters.

Also parties assigned by the 51st International Cadet World Championship 2017 organisation are allowed to use the logo(s).

The use of the branding in a way that it is in conflict with our interest and the interest of our partners and sponsors is not allowed.


Some restrictions in the document are written in Dutch and can be translated as

Let op! Lichtblauwe kaders en vlakken maken geen onderdeel uit van het beeldmerk.


Please note. Light blue frames and surfaces are no part of the logo. 


Als een van de beeldmerkkleuren als achtergrondkleur gebruikt wordt dient het beeldmerk met-wit-kader gebruikt te worden.


If the logo is or logos are used on a surface with a similar color background as one of the colors used in the logo, the white outline is to be used with the logo.


If you have questions about and use of the logo(s), contact the organisation.