When arriving in the Netherlands at "Schiphol" Amsterdam International Airport. The below information may be helpful.

There are many information desks all over the airport and railway station. But also the, always present, (military) police is very approachable and always prepared to point you into the right direction.

Taxi or minibus service

If you plan to take a taxi or minibus, this page on the website from the Airport may be of your convenience.


Do not accept offers from "taxidrivers" offering themselves in the arrival hall. Go to the official taxi stand just outside the main entrance or the point confirmed in your booking.. A real taxi does have a blue license plate.

Public transportation

If you are planning to use public transportation you can check schedules here: https://9292.nl/en

Arriving at the airport, the "from" address is "schiphol station|schiphol". De "to" is the address of your guest house, hotel or camping. If your are planning to arrive at the marina first, the full address: Jachthavenweg 74, 4311 NC Bruinisse. Traintickets can be obtained from ticket machines. Be aware not all ticket machines accept credit cards. Train tickets bought at the ticket machines are not valid in buses.

There is no railway station in Bruinisse. A part of the journey will be by bus. For the bus you will have to buy separate bus tickets. If you do plan to use the public transportation more than just for arrival and departure, do read this page https://www.ov-chipkaart.nl/everything-about-travelling/tourists.htm.

OV-chipcard can be used in all public transportation, trains, buses, trams and metros.