Take up the challenge and join us in the Trash Challenge!

More than 5 million tons plastic waste finds its way to the oceans per year. Plastic which is just floating in the middle of the sea and creates a ‘plastic soup’ since it falls apart in tiny little plastic parts.
Plastic in our oceans has great influence on our health, the health of sea animals and therefore on the entire eco-system.

We want to do something about it, that’s why our Cadet World Championship 2017 has decided to take up the challenge of ‘Fair with Care’.

What can we do about the ‘plastic soup’?

  1. Less Plastic: use as little plastic as you can.
    All sailors will receive a World Championship water bottle. Refill your water bottle instead of using plastic bottles every single time.
  2. Waste Control: throw your waste in the waste bin.
    Everywhere on the World Championship area there are waste bins. Use them by throwing your waste in the bin.
  3. Trash Challenge: take up the challenge.  
    We challenge you to pick up a piece of plastic or waste and put it in the trash bin. 

Trash Challenges:

During the World Championship 2017 there will be Trash Challenges. Check out Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date on these challenges Facebook@cadetsailing2017, Instagram@cadet2017