What to explore during the World Championship in Bruinisse?

We will of course support our sailors the best we can, but we also need to enjoy our stay in Bruinisse and the beautiful country of Zeeland (sea land). We cannot mention all sightseeing tips, so please find out yourself and let us know the best ‘hot spots’ by tagging #cadet2017 on Instagram or Facebook.

See below a short list of tips.


Shopping & Sightseeing

  • Bruinisse, a beautiful tiny village famous for their mussels. A short walk of 10 minutes brings you to the village from the harbour.
  • Brouwershaven, a village with a rich history of trading. We have selected the following hot spots for you:
    • Zee & Meer souvenirshop
    • Cholocaterie Ticho fort he best chocolate mussels
  • Den Osse, there is a touristic tour per boat @ Rederij Zeeland You can also check the fantastic local bars and walk down the harbour. http://www.rederij-zeeland.nl
  • Dreischor, where the houses are build in 3 rings around the church. 10 minutes drive from the harbour Bruinisse.
  • Zierikzee, authentic city only 20 minutes drive from the harbour Bruinisse. With lots of bars, historical buildings and shopping streets. Take a city walk and stroll around.

Food & Drinks

  • Almost all villages on the island have bars and restaurants where you can eat. Do not forget to taste the best of Zeeland. Check out the website to find the best spots or ask the locals. https://www.vvvzeeland.nl/en/
  • Wine tasting @ De Kleine Schorre. Their wine is so good that they are the main supplier of the airline KLM. https://www.dekleineschorre.nl/en/
  • Every "Zeeuw" will have his or her favourite baker for the "Zeeuwse Bolus" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeeuwse_bolus
    Go find your favourite baker for the "Zeeuwse Bolus"