Multaship is a true sponsor in many ways. The founder, Kees Muller, has been a dedicated member of the Royal Belgian Sailing Club (RBSC) where he started sailing Cadets himself.

Our friends from ZCK Zeilclub Kurenpolder from Hank and Koninklijke Roei en Zeilvereeniging 'De Maas' (Royal Maas Yacht Club) are providing their services as race committee to the 51st edition of the Cadet World Championships in 2017.

De Beeldbuis is a group of young people, teenagers, creating awesome movies and documentaries. They created our "welcome" movie.

Vakantiepark Aquadelta

Book your stay at Holiday Park Aquadelta in advance for the Cadet World Championship in 2017. The perfect spot nearby the harbour and activities around the World Championship.

Why does the province of Zeeland support the 51st World Cadet Championship 2017? Because this event is a great match with the province of Zeeland!

What makes Zeeland so special? The elements for instance. The wind, the water, the beach and the sun. Zeeland literally means ‘Sea land’.

Sailservice is our "First Boat Supplier" for the 51st International Cadet World Championship 2017. For a lot of incrowd he is known as "Ad van den Oever". Our main supplier for years!

Go contact Sailservice for rentals of rescue and coach ribs.

Bruinisse Marina is our host for this edition of the Cadet World Championship. An excellent location with great facilities.